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Shanghai Twang | Boutique Recording Studio

hi-tec microphoneShanghai Twang is a boutique recording, mixing and mastering facility owned and operated by audio engineer, producer and musician Pete Grandison. Designed by the acclaimed John Sayers, the studio is centrally located in the inner Southern suburbs of Perth, just minutes from the port of Fremantle, Western Australia.

The complex is built on two levels, with two separate studios, and a number of interconnected, multifunction acoustic spaces.

We can cater for a broad range of recording: from solo acoustic singers to classical ensembles, choirs, rock bands and voice-over work for film or advertising.

Here and internationally, producer Pete G has worked with or for musicians such as Eric Bibb, Bluegras Parkway, Mike Compton, Slim Dusty, Jim Fisher, Narasirato, Shane Nicholson, Lucky Oceans, Rachel and Henry Climb a Hill, Ian Simpson, and the Velvet Playboys.

About Pete Grandison - producer, musician and recording engineer

As a producer and musician I tend to be known as an acoustic and roots music specialist, but as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer my experiences are broad.

I often enjoy working with songwriters, developing arrangements and settings for songs, and seeing their projects through from creative development to completion of recording and mixing a finished product.

Projects can be small or large, no job is too small and we have packages and approaches to suit most tastes and budgets.

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