The studio was designed by internationally-renowned designer John Sayers. There’s a large control room, a live room, a drum booth and a vocal booth as well as variety of other lounge and shop spaces. Each recording space can be acoustically isolated, but there remains total visibility between all these rooms. The interior layout caters for a broad range of recording concepts: from solo acoustic singers to classical ensembles, choirs, rock bands, orchestral and voice-over work for film or advertising. The studio is full of a wide range of vintage and modern analogue gear and microphones, together with state of the art digital recording hardware and software.

The Studio

Producer Pete Grandison is a renowned audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist with decades of industry experience. Pete brings a wealth of musical and performance skills to guiding musicians and songwriters through the process of making records. He is able to provide advice and collaborative support drawing upon his vast production and recording experience.
Pete has a deep knowledge of modern recorded music and musical styles and has a particular reputation for skills in recording acoustic instruments. He’s also a recogised vocal coach in the recording studio, able to gently draw the best performance from singers of any ability.
As well as producing and recording entire projects, Pete provides dedicated mixing and mastering services too.

Pete Grandison